Bring AI-powered evaluations to your users

Boost engagement, improve matching efficacy, and increase match rate by adding Endorsed-powered Evaluations into your Applicant Tracking System.

You can decide between two main flows based on your use case, automatic evaluation and on-demand evaluation.

Automatic evaluations

Configure Endorsed to automatically evaluate new applicants to jobs on your platform. This setup will let you show evaluations to your users shortly after new candidates apply. Here's the overall flow:

  1. Upload your jobs (using the Jobs API)

Configuring your jobs for automatic evaluation

By default, evaluations for new applicants to your Jobs will not be automatically created. To enable automatic evaluation of new applicants, you can set a flag on the Job entity.

/jobs/[id] auto_evaluation_behavior

This body parameter is an enum with one of three values:

  • "auto_evaluate_nominations"

    • Ensures that Evaluations will be generated for all new applicants, sent via a Nomination entity

  • "auto_nominate_and_evaluate_candidates"

    • Specifies that all Candidates in your organization will be evaluated against the given Job. When a new Candidate is created, the Endorsed system will automatically create a Nomination for that Candidate for all Jobs with this flag set, and generate Evaluations for those Candidates.

  • null

    • Candidates will not be automatically nominated for the Job, and Nominations will not be automatically evaluated. This is the default.

This value can be set when creating the Job via POST, or updating via PATCH or PUT.

Sending new candidates to Endorsed

When a new candidate applies to a job on your platform, you'll need to send the appropriate information to the Endorsed system. This can be done using our standard Data Import API. For a new job applicant, the order of operations is this:

  1. Create Candidate object

  2. Create Attachment objects for that Candidate

    ℹ️ This will automatically generate (or regenerate) Nominations and Evaluations against all Jobs with auto_nominate_and_evaluate_candidates.

  3. Create Nomination to indicate the Candidate has applied to a specific Job

    ℹ️ This will automatically generate (or regenerate) Evaluations for this Candidate for all Jobs with auto_evaluate_nominations.

Typically Evaluations complete within a few minutes, although this depends on several factors, including service load and how many Candidates are concurrently being evaluated.

Retrieving evaluations

Within minutes of sending new applicants to Endorsed, the AI-generated evaluations will become available. Use our Criterion Evaluations API to retrieve them.

pageCriterion Evaluations

On-demand evaluations

In addition to setting up your jobs such that new applicants get automatically evaluated, you can also choose to conduct on-demand evaluations for a set of candidates. This can be useful when building more selective UI in your app, such that users can "request" AI evaluations ad-hoc.

On-demand evaluations coming soon. Email to request the feature.

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