API Overview

Here are the high-level steps to use the Platform API:

  1. We will issue client credentials to authenticate with the Endorsed API. Please treat these credentials with utmost confidentiality. Sharing them not only exposes your organization's data but also results in usage that will be billed as per your contract terms with Endorsed.

  2. Make an API call to fetch an access token using the client credentials. The access token is short-lived** (for security reasons)** and is required to call any of the Endorsed APIs. Request a new access token regularly.

  3. Use the Endorsed API to upload job candidates (this provides Job / Candidate data to Endorsed, so we can begin AI ranking and summarization):

  4. If you have Endorsed Dashboard access: Uploaded Candidates will show up within minutes in the Endorsed Dashboard, where you can search and review.

  5. Ranked Candidates will be available immediately via API:

  6. Candidates will be summarized and available viaCandidate Querying. SLAs for processing are dependent upon your pricing plan and sales agreement.

Constructing Requests

Endorsed supports two environments which can be accessed via the following base urls:

  • Production: https://endorsed.ai

  • Staging: https://staging.endorsed.ai

Make requests to the API endpoints through the /api path. For example, a full URL for making a request to the /jobs endpoint in production would involve a full URL of https://endorsed.ai/api/v1/jobs.

In our API Reference section, all endpoints and examples assume the described base url above. Review this section for API definitions, request parameters, response examples, and more!

Best Practices / Guidelines:

  • Set the above base urls as environment variables in your application

  • Avoid persisting real user production data into the staging environment

  • Always test in the Staging environment first before instituting your changes against the Production environment

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